Hey Auslly/Raura fan.
Here you can find cute pictures, facts, gifs of Auslly/Raura.

P.s i'm a 14 year old girl from Lithuania, AND A HUGE FAN OF AUSTIN AND ALLY. :)

Have fun ;) →


Really? You think TBM2 will ruin Raura? Or is it because you just don’t want to see Raia interviews and stuff, which is understandable?

But believe me with everything I’ve seen and watched as far back as 2011 I don’t need further proof for me to know Ross is really into Laura. Like REALLY into…

Im like seriously curious how the story will continue after the prom kiss ^^ i hope they will not be akward




Eggs & Extra-terrestrials - Episode Clip - Austin & Ally - Disney Channel Official

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Ross Lynch talks about he and Laura Marano (via lovingtheshow)

(via the-life-of-auslly)

We’re not together but a strong friendship bind us, born during the long hours of shooting on Austin&Ally’s set. Here our little secret: sometimes when one of the two feels a bit down calls the other and we meet, even in full night, to go to beach and talk
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